About Me


My educational journey has taken me through many different paths, which have stretched my thinking and philosophy in so many ways. I began my career as an educator while still in high school, where I worked at an after school program at a local elementary school. This school was predominately “at-risk” students, and I fell in love with every aspect of education. I couldn’t get my undergrad fast enough, and was eager to change the world. I accepted my first teaching job in a very unique environment. I took over a fifth grade classroom in January, and was the third teacher this group of students had called theirs that year. The school was 98% free lunch and in one of the most gang driven neighborhoods in town. I spent the next six years of my journey learning more from the students, staff, and community than I could ever have taught them. I then switched buildings and grade levels, stretching myself to learn something new. During that year, I realized my passion was to work with teachers and students in a bigger capacity. I was blessed to spend two years as an instructional literacy coach before beginning a new journey in school administration. My journey has now brought me to my role as an elementary school principal, where I have learned my passion lies.

Beyond my role as an administrator, I received my Ed.D in educational leadership, an adjunct professor, and an author. I’m excited to blog about the daily stretching that I’ve learned is painful, but necessary to grow.


I am blessed to have an amazing husband who supports me in every aspect. We have been married for 10 years, and God has blessed us with two spunky children who inspire me daily.

Educational Philosophy of Leadership

My educational philosophy of leadership would lie in the word “stretch.” I believe that a leader should stretch all stakeholders to think differently to accomplish the building mission, vision, values, and goals. Before any stretching can occur, a solid relationship must be established. I believe educational leaders are responsible for, above all else, helping students and staff achieve their maximum potential and whatever dreams they have.

Leadership Style:

My leadership style is transformational. I believe that cognitive dissonance among staff and students is vital to school improvement. I am passionate about improving the learning for all students, and stretching educators to maximize their potential through professional learning communities.

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