Wanted: Superhero Educators

Wrapping up the end of the year for an administrator is often spent preparing for the next year. For many, this also includes choosing a theme for the staff. In my short two years as an elementary school principal, we have focused on superheroes. There is no greater word to describe what educators do every day than “superhero.”

My plan was to focus on a different superhero and their superpower each year. Click here to see my Captain America Theme from last year. When thinking about what to do for next year, I landed on Superman. However, the more I developed the theme, the more I realized I had been missing the mark all along. It’s not about each superhero individually, it’s about what superhero’s stand for all the time.

What qualities do stellar educators have that make them superheroes?


SUPPORTIVE –  Educators are so often torn apart, and yet educators keep building each other up again. Superhero educators are all for one and one for all, all the time.



UNDERSTANDING – More so now than ever before, educators are responsible for social-emotional needs – understanding the why behind the behavior – and maintaining academic rigor. Superhero educators don’t ask “what is wrong with you” but instead “what happened to you.”


PREPARED FOR ANYTHING – Every day is a new day, with new challenges and successes. At any moment, educators must be prepared for catastrophe while still maintaining control and calm. Superhero educators do this without breaking a sweat.

ENGAGED – Educators are always engaged in their classroom, building, district, community, and the profession. This takes a lot of energy, but superhero educators keep at it, one foot in front of the other, engaged in learning and sharing things.


REFLECTIVE  – Educators are probably the most reflective group of professionals you will find. Every lesson is reflected upon, every answer is analyzed as superhero educators strive to always be better.

HERO – Not many professions allow you to make a lifelong impression on people. This can’t be taken lightly. Superhero educators truly are saving the world, one kid at a time.


ENTHUSIASTIC – Superhero educators always have a smile on their face and are willing to jump in and be a part of the solution to any problem.

REALISTIC – Most educators want to change the world. However, superhero educators understand the need to push for excellence while setting realistic goals.

ONE IN A MILLION – Superhero educators get hired before they leave an interview, because their passion, excitement, and energy is contagious.

Over the next nine weeks, I’ll be expanding each of these qualities and providing more depth and insight into each one. For now, it’s time to plan the decorations!


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