Choose to Challenge

While many people make resolutions for the new year, I love being a part of the #oneword movement. While resolutions are hard to keep and typically involve a lifestyle change, choosing one word creates a simple focus for the year (read more here). This year, I choose to challenge.

Education has changed. The students who are entering our schools enter with needs far greater than what the structure of our schools can support. This year, I will strive to challenge the belief that anything must be done because “that’s what we do.” If that was working, 100% of our students would be successful academically, behaviorally, and emotionally. Sadly that’s just not the case, and until it is I will continue to challenge what we are doing and why we are doing it.

I’m not naive to think that this will be an easy word to take on. It will require relentless work to keep pushing boundaries and asking tough questions. There will be frustration, anger, anxiety, and probably tears. However, thinking about the possibilities makes it all worth it.

This year, I will challenge my thinking about professional development, mental health, instructional design, and my own personal beliefs about education and leadership.

I choose to challenge in 2018.


2 thoughts on “Choose to Challenge

  1. Challenge is a great word, although, a tough one. Sounds like you are up for the task. Go for it!


    1. Thank you! My PLN is what drives me when it gets tough!


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