A School Without Determined Levels #IMMOOC

Have you ever imagined what a school designed by educators would look like? One that didn’t need to depend on funding from the state/federal government? One that didn’t have to follow the traditional school format?

I have to admit that every time I buy a lottery ticket, I immediately think of the school I would build if I won. This school would break the boundaries of this traditional model of education we seem to be locked into. It would be based on the Montessori model in some ways, but mixed with 21st Century designs and mastery learning as well. It would require teachers who were skilled and knowledgeable about how to do more than follow an adopted resource.

You see, the school I would create would never assign students to grade levels.

How would this work? The curriculum would be designed in a way that allowed students to see the progression of skills, and be presented with options to demonstrate their understanding. Once a skill/concept was mastered, students would move on to the next one in the progression. Students could combine concepts from different subjects if they chose, with teachers coaching them along the way and providing support when needed.

The layout of the building would be designed in a circle with rooms branching out. Each room would be a content driven space, with the middle area reserved for collaboration and mixing content however students saw fit. Each room would have small collaborative work spaces as well and options of seating.

In this school, students would genuinely be in control of their education instead of the adults. This is the education I wish my own children would be able to experience.

10 thoughts on “A School Without Determined Levels #IMMOOC

  1. I would love to work at your school!! Awesome ideas!


  2. My dream as well!


  3. I want to be the custodial engineer!

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  4. Lots to think about! Sounds similar to our pods ;). I envision multiple circles not separated by grades, but by levels of mastery. “It would require teachers who were skilled and knowledgeable about how to do more than follow an adopted resource.” Such a key point.

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  5. Ooooohhhh… no grade levels! Imagine! I love how you’re blurring the lines of what we’ve traditionally thought of as school. Now I’m wondering, what if we had no pre-determined time constraints during the school day?

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    1. That would be a start! We kind of do with blended learning, but we could do better!


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